Client Testimonials

Given us all the supports till and after delivery of the apartment

Respected CMD & Skyline Team.

Thank you for your email and remembering us. We are in your Skyline Orion Block II 2008.

May I use this occasion to send a special thanks to one of your team members Ms. Jalaja Sreekumar who given us all the supports till and after delivery of the apartment. My personal comment about her that I felt in many occasions she is an asset for your organization.

All the very best for your all upcoming projects and wishing you good health and prosperity life.

Once again thank you Sir

Ajaykumar Pothezhath, Skyline Orion

Delivering an apartment beyond our expectation

Dear Skyline Team,

We are very pleased and immensely happy to take possession of our dream home in Skyline Aristocrat.We thank all of you for the timely hand over of our apartment,. I am also grateful for all the help extended to us -always ready to clarify our doubts and apprehensions, always ready to answer our calls..I am especially thankful to Ms Jalaja for all the help extended to us.We are also grateful for the site mangers Mr. Nikhil,Antony and others for their understanding and their help in fulfilling our dream. I am also thankful to all the workers who toiled to make Skyline Aristocrat a reality We once again thank all of you for delivering an apartment beyond our expectation.

Thank you Skyline

Dr. George Mathew, Skyline Aristocrat

Your tagline, “The Address says it all” is true to every word.

Dear Azeez Sir,

This email is to express my sincere gratitude to you and your Skyline Builders for building this Ivy League Project. I thank GOD for enabling me apartment in the year 2012. It was Mr. Praveen Menon, your Overseas Manager who contacted me and introduced this project to me in 2012, Hence I am thankful to him also.

I am John Eapen (Apartment Yale-18E,Skyline Ivy League). Hope you remember me and my family. You came and blessed my only son, Vineeth’s wedding in the year 2014. (Just to refresh your memory, I am attaching herewith a photograph of you and your dear wife with us when you came for the wedding). Now my son is blessed with two boys. My eldest grandson is 2 years old and the younger one is 5 months old, and they are settled in Toronto, Canada. After winding up our Dubai life, we were with them at Canada last year. This year also we went there for the delivery of the second baby. I am also attaching herewith our recent family photo.

After the years of living abroad, we have relocated back to Kochi recently for our permanent stay in our apartment YALE-18E. We are enjoying our retired life with my aged mother, and we feel that our decision to buy this apartment was by GOD’s grace and blessings. Now that we stayed continuously for the last few months, we are quite happy with our stay here in Ivy League, with all the facilities and amenities. We feel like we are staying in a resort. We feel grateful to GOD and to you.

I must thank your After Sales department, Customer Care department and Home Care department for their excellent service. It will be incomplete if I did not mention the names of few persons like Mr. Talu Abraham, Manager Services, Ms. Mita Varghese (Assist. Manager Customer Relations & After Sales Department), Ms. Neethu Noel of Customer Care Department, Ms. Priya Nandakumar and Mr. Jaffar of Homecare Department are few persons, who are giving me the fantastic service till date. I would like to specially mention Ms. Mita Varghese and I feel she is an asset to your firm.

Your tagline, “The Address says it all” is true to every word.

I wish you and Skyline Builders every success.


JOHN EAPEN, Skyline Yale

No wonder that your organization is so well reputed in Kerala and beyond

I am writing to share with you my feedback regarding a recent sale of my apartment Riverville 6A which was facilitated through Skyline homecare department (Specifically by Mr Talu Abraham).

Right from the word “Go”, the interactions between me, the buyer and Mr Talu were well coordinated and handled very smoothly. As a 9-5 office goer, I would not have had the time or the energy to run around to get the documentation and other formalities completed without having to undertake a lot of stress. That is where I found me dealings with Mr Talu and your reputed firm to be transparent, timely and effortless and most important of all stress free. Mr Talu kept me informed of the developments at every step along the way and I have to admit I was most impressed with the professional manner in which he conducted the whole transaction. It is no wonder then that your organization is so well reputed in Kerala and beyond.

I wish you and your team the very best in the years ahead.

Ramesh , Skyline Riverville

Very professional and caring service from team Skyline right from start to handover

I am Krishnamoorthy one of the retired Directors from ISRO.
We had booked a flat in Skyline 24 Carat project and started living here recently.
I would like to express our sincere gratitude for providing us an excellent flat in an elegantly designed and executed project.We must say that right from the beginning we were fortunate to get very professional and caring service from team Skyline and it was very pleasant experience for us right from start to handover and the full credit goes to your leadership and the team Skyline.Now we are getting very good support from Sky-care for a hassle free stay here where we are enjoying the friendship of all occupants.
The services and help rendered byShri Dayanand in marketing,Smt Ranjana the CRM and Shri Kannan during the finishing stage were Outstanding and deserves special complement.My interactions were mostly with them and I am sure all others in the Skyline team will be of same caliber under your esteemed leadership.The systems and procedures followed in Skyline are on par with the best in the field and this is reflected in the quality of construction also.
Thanking you once again and all the best for you all.

Krishnamoorthy , Skyline 24 Carat

A clear reflection of your quality and professionalism

Thank you to the entire skyline team who put in their effort to made this happen. It is an excellent work and it’s a clear reflection of your quality and professionalism. My wife and myself is very happy on delivery of this beautiful home.
From the initial design towards the final closing, all our concerns were addressed immediately. I had been contacted in each and every steps of the interior work.
We are eagerly looking forward for the final hand over of the flat

Mr. Faris Ibrahim, Skyline Synergy

Skyline did the work in an exceptionally wonderful way

Dear sir,

My flat at Eminence was in need of repairs and painting etc. before it was to be rented to new occupant and I have entrusted the entire work to your home care service.
I am very happy to tell you Skyline did the work in an exceptionally wonderful way, credit to your efficient team.
Once again proved it is trustworthy. Proud of Skyline.
Warm regards
Skyline Topaz

Dr.Haris, Skyline Eminence

To my surprise flat was ready as early as January 2020.

Gopalan Nair, Skyline Marbella, Kollam.

Skyline Transit Homes- an excellent facility

We had a good stay at your transit home at Silver Oaks, Kochi and many thanks to Skyline Builders for such an excellent facility to the Skyline Residents. Appreciate your help.

A. Harindranath, Skyline Seawind Apartments, Calicut

Happy to invest again in Skyline Builders

On the onset, would like to congratulate you for 30 glorious years of Skyline.I bought an apartment in Skyline Belvedere, Kottayam ten years back and was taken aback by the excellent way the transaction was completed. Invested again in Skyline Brown project and got the possession this year. I must say, the level of transparency and the quality of resources you have hired is excellent. Mita has been on constant follow up, regularly updated me on the various project stages. She is extremely efficient and I thought it’s important for me applaud her and bring it to your notice. The entire experience was a breeze.

Wishing you, your family very Happy Onam, and many more years of continued success for Skyline group.

It was a right decision to have invested in Skyline projects.

Best Regards, Bijit Nair, Skyline Belvedere and Skyline Brown

A special thanks!

Greetings from Vincent and Family, Skyline Green Valley, Vazhakkala. The address says it all. Hope you are fine.

We are so pleased to receive your special message on the occasion of your Skyline Builders is completing 30 years of service “30 years of doing it right”.

In 1993 when you launched “Skyline Green Valley Project” at Vazhakkala, our deciding to go for it was a tough choice. However, when we (along with my beloved parents (late) ) met you, my father extended his kind consent to proceed with the project, because he trusted you with your God gifted straightforwardness, cheerfulness, and charming personality. May Almighty God continue to bless you and your family with good health, happiness, and prosperity.

Today my family joins me to tell you that our decision to go for the project was right and ultimately satisfying.

Vazhakkala has become a very busy township, however, we have been lucky to stay in Green Valley peacefully with a calm and quiet village atmosphere that admire and inspire most of our visitors. That is the specialty of the project.

Let us conclude, if we were not able to take the right decision 26 years back to join you, we would not have been able to possess this property today.

Once again thank you and God Bless you to continue to do things the right way. Keep connecte

Vincent & Family, Skyline Green Valley

Hearty Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary

Thank you very much for your kind and warm welcome letter. We are so happy and proud of being a Patron of your esteemed concern. Our Hearty congratulations for your 30th anniversary and great achievements and a big victory in the field. Our Sincere Prayers and Best wishes for your future Projects Victory and further efforts.

Thanking you, Francis C.V and Gracy P.A Skyline Brown

Congratulations on achieving another milestone

Congrats on the milestone. You have a great team who has a great focus on the process and getting the small things right.

Wish you much more success in the future and looking forward to being a part in your 50th anniversary.

Best Regards, Shijin Chandran, Skyline Brown

Hearty congratulations on successful completion of 30 Years!

Extremely delighted to know about Skyline’s successful 30 years in this industry. More, the news is shared by none other than your MD.
Heartiest congratulations to the entire team for doing the right things in an industry which is vulnerable to taking short cuts for short term gains. This has helped in building trust with the end consumers as well as your business partners and associates.
We feel very fortunate of being associated with this family and have been extremely happy with the kind of warmth and support received from the team handling our flat in the project Skyline Synergy.
We take this opportunity to thank the CMD and wish him and the team all the best for a great future ahead. Looking forward to being a part of this family on the next milestone of golden jubilee celebrations.

Warm regards, Shashikumar P Nair, Skyline Synergy

I’m sure its a very well deserved success.

Here’s wishing all of you at Skyline, right from your guiding star Mr. Abdul Azeez down to your various executives and even the construction workers whom we hardly see but have toiled day and night to build our homes, and especially to people like you and Jins, who to us customers, are essentially the faces/ambassadors of the Skyline experience since you are the ones we interact with the most, a blessed life and prosperous future!

Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to joining the Skyline family soon and continuing the pleasant experience for years to come.

Warm wishes & regards, Dr.Jijan Sam Thomas & family. Skyline Cambridge

Mr Azeez,

It is indeed a matter of prestige to own an apartment at Skyline Brown.
Our experience while carrying out the various procedures related to the purchase was indeed excellent.
We were particularly touched by the warm ceremony arranged by the Customer relations section as part of the handing over.
Now we are looking forward to similar standards regarding the interior work and from the homecare department.


Dr. Deepa G 11 D, Skyline Brown

Dear Sree Abdul Azeez,

Thank you for your email seeking our feedback on our purchase of “A” Type Apartment in your Zenith Development, Thrissur.

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of service offered by Skyline, given the abysmal service we are used to in the Public & Private Sectors in Kerala. While the Private Sector service had been somewhat superior, it has never occurred to us that it can match the best in the West, i.e. until we met Skyline.

Probably our vicious politics, which often paints private enterprise as exploitative has been irrevocably sold to the “enlightened” Kerala society, thus the lack of incentive for private sector to try hard. They instead seem to bribe their way through our incompetent & corrupt politicians & bureaucrats, hoodwinking customers along the way.

I have personal experience of three other property purchases in Kerala, where the builders shamelessly varied the agreed terms & failed to meet their commitments.

Skyline was indeed a breath of fresh air. Right from the point of sales (Aneesh) to the point of delivery (Preetha), Skyline managed our expectations extremely well. The meticulous handing over of the facilities, precisely on the pre-agreed date and time, was stunningly unlike anything similar we have experienced in Kerala.

The detailed check-list on documentation to the organised hand over of Apartment keys, let alone the brief celebration & photographs, were similar to the best service that we often take for granted with good suppliers in Australia. We believe the quality of construction & compliance with specifications offered us value for money and were entirely consistent with what we were sold.

Your officials appeared well trained and showed integrity & predictability. This would suggest the significant investments you would have made to ensuring the quality of systems and procedures.

Lastly, I have taken the liberty of copying this to Er Sasi Kumar, who has been the owner of a Skyline Villa development in Kozhikode from over 20 years ago- Sasi’s recommendation was very reassuring when we decided to buy a home in Thrissur.

M P Jayarajan, Skyline Zenith, Thrissur

Thank you for my second home in Skyline Builders

Really happy to receive your e-mail message. Thank you so much. This is my second Skyline Apartment ( first one is in Skyline Daffodils in Petta) and my son also has booked an apartment in Skyline Synergy. I must mention that the services received from your entire team right from selection of the project, booking, payment, internal communications with Skyline team, taking over the apartment etc were “Excellent “ and I am very much thankful to you and your team for the excellent services. I would like to name two Managers in your team, Mr. Girish (USA coordinator) and Ms. Mita Varghese (CRM, Brown Project), who provided “Excellent” services to me during the entire
process under the guidance of their GMs and I am really thankful to them. Now I look forward to work with your “Interior” team and “home care” team as per requirement in the future. So far, I am happy with the design and construction aspects of the apartment and hope I can contact you in the future, if there are any suggestions for
improvement / modifications, which can improve the customer satisfaction. Thanks again and all the very best for your ongoing and future Projects.

Warm Regards, Viji Varkey, Skyline Brown 19 D

A BIG thanks to all of you!

A BIG thanks to all of you!

This property for us is an effort to hold on to our Indian roots. It is to show the richness of our Indian culture to our baby girl, Bianca, who is just a month old. The property is also emotionally meaningful to us, as my wife Ashwini’s grandmom passed away last year, and it was a way to hold on to her memories in Kerala. It is also an effort to provide a better quality of air for my parents to breathe in who suffers periodically from congestion and lung infection due to the rising air pollution. In the end, this property is a vacation home for us. We sincerely appreciate for all you have done to make this property buying and hand over so meaningful to us.

Lion’s share of appreciation goes to Girish, who worked tirelessly day and night to get us our home in Kerala. Girish, your dedication to your job and clients are awe-inspiring. The innumerous conversation over the past several months on WhatsApp at almost all the times of day and night, kept us secured, informed and focused. Your relentless nature, calm composure and abilities to explain situations as it evolved are so impressive. Additionally, your sincere approach towards your clients and work is a rare and valuable quality. We want you to know, that we appreciate the effort you have put in and we have thoroughly enjoyed the Skyline experience through you.

We are so glad that the handover took place at the desired date. Our families are extremely thankful and excited after they saw the finished flat as well as experiencing the handover walkthrough. It really made us feel very special. Mita, our parents sincerely appreciate your warm welcoming during the walkthrough 😊. We are looking forward to meeting with you in person.

Once again, thanks to all of you who were involved in this project. Please proudly share this message to your team, and colleagues and let them know about your contributions towards this shared success.

Looking forward to a new beginning with Skyline.

Regards, Dev 21C Skyline Brown

It’s amazing and beyond our expectation

First of all, my sincere apologies for the late reply. Myself was on business travel and hence this delayed response…

At the outset, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and your team for the wonderful arrangements for the handover function. It was truly amazing and beyond our expectations… All are very impressed with the arrangements and meticulous planning done by you and your team for making the handover function really a special to us. Though both of us were not physically present during the handover function but were updated on real time basis and the feedback was genuinely astonishing. Thank you and your team at Skyline for making this function really grant and making it as an occasion for us to cherish for long time… Pl convey our appreciation to each member of your team.

Since the beginning of this project you have been coordinating with us and your responses to our queries and requirements have been very quick and positive. Thank you for all the help and I am looking forward to your continued support in the future as well.

Once again, a Big thank you and proud of being a part of Skyline Family…

Thanks Saji, Leena & Kevin, 8B Skyline Brown

Skyline Team is extremely grateful

Thank you for your dedication and support throughout the process. We are
extremely grateful to the entire Skyline team for delivering the
apartment on time and making the handing over smooth.

Convey our thanks to every member of your team who were present on the
handing over day.

Regards, Sreeraj and Lidia, 15F Skyline Brown

Thank You for the arrangements there and the warm reception

Thank You for the arrangements there and the warm reception. we appreciate the fact that the preparation and details were thorough and much professional.

Best regards, Sanjay George, 11A Skyline Brown

Thank you very much for the auspicious moment

Thank you very much for the auspicious moment you and and your team
members arranged for the handing over process.And also we are much
thankful for you the support you have extended on the entire project stages.

With regards , J M Thomas, 9 F Skyline Brown

Promises well kept

Thank you very much for conducting such a wonderful handing over ceremony. My family and I missed the great moment as we were tied up with other commitments. Anyway I feel fortunate that my parents graced the occasion.
I also thank Skyline builder’s for keeping up all their promises.

With Regards, Rajiv ,16D Skyline Brown

All the best

Thanks for writing to us. We are really delighted to have chosen Zenith and I believe all deadlines were been met. More than the deadlines, I believe that the communications were spot on from Preetha. She was been instrumental in making this deal go through.

All the very best for your future projects. Cheers

Sunu Mathew,Managing Director LEAP INDIA PVT. LTD,Apartment No. 9-D, Skyline Zenith Trichur

Extremely happy to be part of Skyline Family!

I am extremely happy to be part of Skyline family, owning my 11G apartment at Skyline Cambridge.

I have been in the IT industry for over 20 yrs and I know how much important it is, to meet the client expectations and keep their confidence level high by meeting the SLAs. Manjima and team were instrumental in rolling out the deliverables in a very professional and effective manner. Am very surprised to see the benchmark Skyline has set themselves, and happy to see that Manjima has taken Customer Relations as Art-and-Science which instill the customer’s positive emotions leading to exceptional user experience and customer loyalty in future.

Through out the development stage, the status updates were received from Skyline team at regular intervals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire crew for making things happen in an effective way exceeding my expectation. The interior works are also being done by in-house team, and so far everything looks to be on track. Look forward to see the same level of professionalism while delivering this too.

You guys are really agile!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, a Happy and prosperous Year


Joby Raj, Director Quality Assurance, QBurst, Technopark

Thank you so much Sir.


Its a great pleasure to be associated Skyline Home, one of  the main reason I chose to go with Skyline is the quality they deliver their products with a committed time.

I have never ever faced any problem in communicating with your team, as the team has done a tremendous job for keep updating me on every stage of construction and developments, it was started off with Manjima and chinnu and to Lijo now.


Manjima was a great support for providing the information and solution right thru the construction from start to end.


I take this opportunity to Thank you all, for delivering the best product, and thank you to all support team in Slkyline.


Looking forward to strengthen the relation future as well




Adersh Mustafa Apartment No: 3-C, Skyline Cambridge

Dear Sir,


Thanks a lot for this mail Sir. We are very happy to be part of Your Family; Skyline Builders. We have only positive feedback about the developments though out the journey of this building dream of ours from Your Team Members; especially Manjima and Chinnu.

Really grateful that we made this decision to build our dream home with Skyline Builders.

GOD Blessings for You always to build Your Family to the Level of Empire of Kerala Architecture.


Thanks and Regards

Dr Srija Shibu Apartment No: 3A & B, Skyline Cambridge

Ranch Nite: A festive evening for us!

Dear Mr. Abdul Azeez,
It was our immense pleasure and honour to be a guest at Ranch Nite and enjoy the planned festivities. We appreciate your unfailing commitment and effort towards your dream from its inception till day. We, as a family, would like to extend our congratulations on the commence of phase 2 of your dream project Ranch.
May the Almighty continue to provide you with the vision to dream and a competent family to execute it with.

Regards, Roy and family.

Dear Sir,

Skyline Cambridge was the third builder I visited after evaluating two
others. I strongly believe that I was convinced with the professional
manner in which Ms. Manjima decided to take things forward.
The sense of commitment to deliver on time has been equally meticulous.
We received the keys to our flat with no issues and on time.
Ms. Manjima in her capacity as Relationship Manager ensures there are no
hiccups, to make the customer comfortable and we are thoroughly
satisfied to have our own flat.
Look forward to a long fruitful association with Skyline Builders.



Gopalkrishna Tharoor / G. Ajay Krishnan Skyline Cambridge 10 - G

Mr. Abdul Azeez,

Dear Mr. Abdul Azeez

I was overwhelmed by your firm’s amazing work. While we had heard admirable
feedback about Skyline from our friends and relatives, those words do little justice to
your excellent work in the Cambridge project at Trivandrum. The location of the
apartment, the bedroom, living/dining area, the interior was all exactly as we desired.
The project management team also deserve special mention for their astounding
services and being easily approachable throughout from the very conception to the
completion of the project. In my opinion Skyline Cambridge team is customer-
friendly, efficient and trustworthy.
We are extremely satisfied with our new home, and its realization has outwitted the
layout plans initially submitted. The easy payment plan, high quality of materials
used, and punctual turnover are some details worth complimenting.
I was so impressed by the turned-over flat that I convinced my brother to purchase an
apartment in the same building as well. I am extremely satisfied by Skyline’s work in
this project, and I hope they maintain this superior workmanship in all their projects.
Hats off to you guys!
Once again, thanking you all for this wonderful home.

JOHNCY THOMAS CHIRAYIL (Cambridge 4C) U.S Military Service Coordinator Machinery Division Kuwait Branch

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your letter and sorry for the delay in replying to your mail.
As a Skyline family member, I am pleased to write my opinion about the services and experiences during the period of completion of my apartment in Skyline Cambridge.
The information delivered to me on each stage, was very helpful to assess the progress of the construction. The staff whom I was dealing all these years were very dedicative and sincere in their approach. In answering my queries, Ms Manjima was exemplary in all the ways. Her professional approach and attitude, with no doubt , is an asset to your group. The way in which, she arranged the handing over was beyond all my expectations.
Now I am doing the interior work in my flat under the supervision of Mr Manu and his behavior and approach is also very notable.
I don’t have any bad experience with Skyline authorities and congratulate you and your staff for the excellent work done for me.
I wish all success and good wishes for all your future endeavors.

Thanks and regards Sajan Varghese Cambridge 9A

Skyline exceeds our expectations Miss Vinitha

we would take this opportunity to place on record our appreciation for the timely completion and handing over, of the unit as agreed.we do acknowledge the fact that during the whole period necessary communication and periodic updating was carried out promptly.
Best Wishes to the Staff, Skyline Builders in all your venture.

Mrs.Sheela & Dr.George 4A, Skyline Townscape

A fantastic & fun filled evening

Mathew Attokaran PHD

Thank you for the splendid evening @ Skyline Ranch!

Dear Mr. Azeez ,
We would like to say thank you for inviting us for the opening celebrations of your Ranch Night.
We thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening. It is always nice to meet people with vision, dreams & determination. These qualities demonstrate that these individuals are successful and you are one among them. Last evening we felt like we were in a ‘wonderland’ – the whole evening was well organized and the food was delicious.
Everyone on the Skyline team was very professional, welcoming and pleasant. They are an asset to the organization and having a dedicated and hard working team definitely helps you to succeed in your endeavors. You have done an exceptional job in choosing the right staff who are warm, approachable & wonderful representatives of the organization. It is obvious that they are happy to work for Skyline which is truly remarkable. The people who served the food, the security team, the entertainment group, the photographers etc. were very gracious to the guests.
We experience the same atmosphere here in Kottayam. We are grateful to have Babu as the BM here who is so dedicated in his work. I keep telling him that pretty soon the whole City of Kottayam will be known as city of Skyline Kottayam. Congratulations on attaining capable leaders like Babu, Raj Gopal, Verghese & so many others. Yesterday we met few of them and it is clear that they are part of the foundation of your success & business story.
The highlight of my evening was meeting your dear wife Kunju – you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful life partner. She is warm, insightful and intelligent and enjoyed connecting with her very much and having a similarity in our names was a neat connection too!
We invite you both to come & visit us in Canada – we would love to have you stay with us. Thank you again for including us in your joyful celebration of the opening of the amazing Villas. It was a memorable experience that we will never forget.
Wish you all the best
Warm Regards,

Warm Regards, Aley (Kunjumol) & John Chandy. Matteethra, 12 D, Skyline Palazzo, Kottayam.

It’s a marvelous evening!

Dear Azeez,
It was a pleasure for me to witness your Dream Ranch coming into a reality on 29th January 2017. Simply Marvellous..and world class!
As rightly pointed out by Mr. Raghu and what is mentioned in your booklet DIMENSIONS, I too believe that it is your vision and determination coupled with ethics, transparency and truthfulness.. which are the main factors that made Skyline to achieve the reputation as the Numero Uno builder of the state since its inception.
I am very proud of you, my dearest friend.
God bless you and your family

With warm regards, Devadas

Hats off to Skyline Team!

Dear sir,
Thank you very much to invited me for the launching ceremony of the 2nd phase of your Prestigious Project SKYLINE RANCH at Tripunithura on 29th Jan 2017.
I paticipated in the function and Dinner with family and saw the sample flat.
The Ranch is superb. I have no words to explain it. But saying It is a PARADISE.
I hats of Skyline Team for their all level contributions to make this Dream Project in reality.
SKYLINE RANCH is an another Golden feather in your Crown.

With warm regards and best wishes... Lakshmanan N V Skyline Riverville 11C 9562944755/9447194788

Happy to have a Skyline home

Dear Sir/Madam,
We wish to place on record our sincere thanks to Skyline Builders for the warm ceremony arranged on 16/01/2018 for handing over the keys of our flat 14 G in project Skyline ‘The Edge’ at Thirumoolapuram, Thiruvalla.
We appreciate your professional approach to each & every aspect of your dealings with your clients.
In this regard, we make special mention of Ms Vinitha Santhosh, Sr. Customer Relation Officer with whom we were dealing since day one of the booking of our flat. Her approach to all our requirements/issues were not only professional but also humane. She has been very supportive & responded swiftly & positively to all our queries. The monthly progress report of the construction work was a unique experience. Our special thanks to Ms Vinitha.
Ms Saritha S with whom we dealt with during the past few months has also been very cordial, supportive & encouraging.
The face of any Organization is their frontline Staff. And we have to congratulate you for your selection & the orientation given to your staff.
The quality of your work & the ambience of the building & flats speaks volumes of your professionalism. We are happy & proud to be associated with you as one of your Clients. Needless to say that we are indeed happy with the ambience of our flat. We look forward to get possession of our flat by May, 2018.

With warm regards to Skyline Builders & the entire team, Kochitty Joshua & Mariamma Kochitty(flat 14 G, The Edge)

Excellent Home Care Division

Good Morning Sir, and wishing you a Happy 2018,
The end to end customer experience provided – from enquiry to final handover, and then to the Home Care division has been excellent. Especially for a person like me who’s outside the country and requires a trusted contact to handle things back home.

Thank you

Happy to be part of Skyline family

Dear Mr Abdul Azeez
Thank you very much for your personal e mail. We appreciate it
We are happy to be part of Skyline family.
Your staff particularly Latha Menon , Neethu John and Reshma with Alphonse did an Excellent job in ensuring all our requirements were met. Their eagerness to ensure that we are satisfied in all respect is commendable. Coincidentally the handing over coincided with my wife’s birthday and your staff ensured that it was celebrated with cutting of cake on this special day. The handing over was systematically done and all Paper work was handed over with explanation . Great Job and great team under BM of Kottayam Mr Babu.
At first I met Latha when I walked into Skyline office in Kottayam. I was shopping around for investment in Kottayam. When I saw the enthusiasm by Latha and the effort in explaining we were so impressed She was like a friend to us . After that she introduced us to Mr Babu Branch Manager . He was also great . From then on We had established a good relationship with all your team members.
You have a good team in Kottayam . Your follow up an request for feedback is well appreciated . This shows how much your company care for customers satisfaction and desire to improve if there are areas that need to be corrected.

George and Sarah

Best compliments for completing 25 glorious years in the Real Estate sector of Kerala

Kudos to Skyline Builders

Honest and sincere appreciation to Skyline Builders!!

Honest and sincere appreciation to Skyline Builders!!

Skyline Builders: An address that cut above the rest

The Address Says it All

Excellent Services from Skyline Builders!

Mr. T.V. Balasubramanian, Petal-5A
Glory Abraham Apt. 11 A Skyline Townscape


5B , Palazzo

Well done Skyline Builders!

6D , Aries

Thank you Skyline team!

A1 , Aries

“We can very proudly say that our decision to choose Skyline Builders® to build our “dream house” was one of the best we’ve ever made in our life. The personal touch we enjoyed with Skyline right from the beginning with the signing up of the contract, deserves to be highlighted.” – Mrs. Rajie Nandakumar & Mr. Nandakumar, Oman Fisheries, Sultanate of Oman, is a client of Heritage villas project, Trichur.

Mr & Mrs. Nandakumar, Oman Fisheries, a client of Heritage villas, Trichur.

“My relationship with Skyline Builders™ is over a decade old now. It started with my purchasing one of their earliest villa project – Springfield Homes at Chembumukku, Kochi. Later our relation was cemented by my owning houses in a few more Skyline projects like – Marble Arch Apartments – Kaloor, Silver Oak and Pine Wood apartments -Jawahar Nagar, Tulip Apartments-Pettah. “Many have wondered why I am investing again and again in Skyline Homes, but as a businessman I know that the money spent in this regard is the best investment option I am having at present. Moreover the dealings by Skyline Builders™ is unique in terms of QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY, FRIENDLY APPROACH, TRANSPARENCY IN TRANSACTIONS etc. of which I am very much impressed. I am really proud of the fact that more that 2000 families are under Skyline roof.”

Mr. Kurian Johnson, Ernakulam.

Just a short note to say a big ‘ Thank You ‘ !
The service provided by your team was excellent through out. Jalaja and Sis are so great… they kept us up-to-date, always very considerate and went out of their way to provide excellent service. All of us are so thrilled with the flowers and gift. We are so very proud of our new flat !! Many thanks for everything!

Dr.Winny Jose and Sarah Apt # 12 A, Skyline Orion 11, Kochi.

Handing over of my apartment (10D Palmshade) was held on 19th of March. I was very pleased in all aspects of the workmanship of the apartment and proud to be a Skyline apartment owner. Also I would like to congratulate and extend my thanks for your Customer Service and Interior Depts. who extended wonderful service to me. To name a few are Jamuna, Mita, Sis and Vinod who were so helpful and cooperative with me, not only on the matters related to the flat but also for the warm atmosphere they created while we were in discussions at your office.

Thomas C. Varghese, Skyline 10 D Palmshade, Kochi

Our congratulations to Skyline management for achieving a truly remarkable milestone. Considering the fact that KSEB is going through acute power shortage we were wondering how skyline will achieve the above task. We are so happy with skyline right from the beginning. More and more I visit the flat more and more I start liking the flat. Superb architectural design and structurally strong construction. Design of entrance lobby. childrens play area and overall look are simply beautiful My only regret is that we could not book another flat at Platinum for my daughter inspite of best efforts by Mrs. Jamuna.

Dr. N.P. Bhat 7 B- Platinum

Many thanks for your greeting and the Photos. My family and I take this opportunity to thank the entire team of Skyline Builders for making this a pleasant journey from signing up to handing over. I must admit that I did think in the beginning that there might be an element of exaggeration in the testimonials of the Skyline owner’s testimonials…..but the delivery against promise was commendable above my expectation. I also wish to thank you for the sweet handing over ceremony which was an ‘icing on the cake’ to personal attention which the skyline team had shown from the time we decided to buy the flat. I would strongly recommend Skyline Builders to any body who is desires to buy to a flat in Kerala. Also please convey my special thanks to Mr. Abdul Azeez (though I would have liked to thank him personally) because of whom our dream of having a great flat is a fabulous location has come true.

Mohan Kumar Apt # 5 D, Zircon Apartments, Koch

I wish to Express my Gratitude to you and the entire Team at SKYLINE .. The keys to my flat 14F at ASTER was handed over to me this morning at a very simple yet touching function at the Lobby of ASTER by Ms Rachana. My special thanks to her and to Jamuna, who had taken my booking first for the same flat. I am glad to have associated with Skyline. I wish you good luck for all your future endeavors. Please do convey my regards to your Managing Director.”

Ramaswamy & Indira - 14F - Aster

Dear Mr. Mita,
Its a wonderful feeling to own one’s first ever home and we want to thank you in all earnest for being instrumental in making our dream come true. I really thank you for being professional in the entire transaction and keeping up the good name of Skyline. I hope everything else – furnishing, homecare etc goes to plan as smoothly. Keep up the good work. Its employees like you, that count.

Dr.Abubaker Siddique BDS, MDS, Skyline 2D Palmshade, Kochi

Dear Mr. Abdul Aziz,
This is to thank you for hosting a lovely dinner party at Skyline Topaz for the Topazians to celebrate Skyline Topaz winning the Best Award from CNBC Awaaz. It was a nicely organized function and everybody enjoyed it. It was nice that you were present with your family. On behalf of the Skyline Topaz Owners Association and all residents, I wish to thank you for the nice gesture and wish SKYLINE to win many more such laurels and reach Cloud 9 of success in the Realty sector in Kerala. We are also sure, now that Skyline Topaz has become one your masterpieces by winning the coveted CNBC Awaaz Award, we will continue to receive your support for its professional and efficient maintenance, whenever it is required from your side.
Once again thank you so much,


Dear Mr. Abdul Aziz,
It was a great occasion, to celebrate the Topaz, being declared the best apartment in the country, and truly proved that Skyline Topaz is the real ” TOPAZ” among other precious gems of the real estate. We are really proud.I am more delighted and proud, being one of your first customer since the time Skyline was bourn in 1991. I and my wife Naseem express our profound gratitude and satisfaction with the high rated service we use to enjoy with you and the dedicated team. May Almighty Lord continue the blessings on you and family.
Once again thank you so much,

Dr Haris and Naseem Haris

Dear Mr. Abdul Aziz,
Trust this mail finds you in cheer and good health.First and foremost let me thank and congratulate you and your team for the wonderful job well done.I am referring to your latest completed project Imperial Gardens.I am very very sure that all the inmates of Imperial Gardens did not expect such magnificence and definitely Skyline has delivered much beyond the customers expectations.Sorry……… I got carried away.My name is Binu Mohan Joseph,I have an apartment in Knights, 19 C.My apartment was the first apartment to conduct its house warming in Imperial Gardens.Thank you very much for your bouquet and best wishes.
The Skyline team comprising of Mrs.Jamuna (old staff) Mrs.Ranjana,Mr.Anish(project site supervisor)were very cooperative in assisting me in whatever way possible.We initially did not have the budget to purchase an apartment in Skyline.We were looking at smaller builders like Kent and DD.But it was Mr.Lava, your old partner who convinced my dad to buy a Skyline apartment.Mr Lava and my parents were parents had a rented apartment at Oak wood 13 B Skyline city park.Now we are happy that we listened to Mr Lava’s advice and reaped the benefits.Just as your slogan says……………the address says it all.Till date I.M.A. house was the landmark,but henceforth Skyline Imperial Gardens will be the landmark,and that will stand for at least next hundred years.I was a little disappointed at the cp fittings.Almost everybody now use the concealed cistern and i felt that the cp fittings looked a little outdated pertaining to both shape and colour.The lobby,play area,club house,recreation center,health club are all world class.I also felt that tiles of a lighter colour could have been used in the swimming pool.That would have made the water look still more clearer.The landscaping and gardening is simply great.We the residents of Imperial Gardens will strive hard to maintain the aesthetic look of the entire project.I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the venue on the inauguration day.I found that everything was very well planned and everything was in order.You guys had thought about everything.The food was simply great.I am being very candid.I am saying that because I am a hotelier.I used to work for Pizza Hut – Kerala and Avenue group of hotels as General Manager.The prawn masala and mutton curry was really out of this world…….and I am very sure that all the thousand plus guests who came that day would definitely agree with me.Finishing the day with the national anthem was very touching,thoughtful and patriotic.Thank you Mr Abdul Aezeez for bringing so much happiness to hundreds of families.We never expected so much from you,you have given us much much more than our wildest dreams and expectations.We sincerely thank you for thatIi want to express my gratitude to the management of skyline for all they have done for me.I want to give a small dinner at my apartment exclusively for the Skyline family at your time and convenience.I don’t know if you remember,we had met for a short span on the inauguration day,we spoke for a minute or so.I work for Mayayalam cine artist Mr.Sidhique.I am his Group General Manager.He is into a chain of 4 star hotels and resorts.The first project is nearing completion at seaport airport road Kakkanad.Seven more are on the anvil.Mr.Lava is well know to my father.My fathers name is Prof.Dr.Mohan Joseph Modayil.He was National Director of C.M.F.R.I. Now he is posted at Delhi in the Ministry of Agriculture as Special Secretary to Govt. of India.It was a great pleasure meeting you and associating with you.Thank you once again for everything very well done

Binu Mohan Joseph Imperial Gardens

Dear Mr. Abdul Aziz,
Hearty Congratulations on your Achievement and may Almighty God bless you and your Team to achieve many more heights in the Industry.

Ravi Sankar & Family 13D, Eminence

An appreciation letter received from our client

Dear Azeez,
Congratulations at the outset on this award !! Well deserved and aptly named.. You did set the trend for property development in Kerala. .. Hope for many more in the future .. Thanks and regards,
Warm regards

Narayan Pillai, Sr. Project Manager - Business Applications, ICT Information Systems, Qatar Petroleum, P O Box 47, Doha, Qatar.

Team Skyline,
Congratulations on the selection of Mr K V Abdul Azeez for this honour. I am sure the whole Skyline Team (and their customers) would be proud of this honour. God bless Skyline Team and its Leader.

Francis T Imperial Gardens

Dear Mr. Azeez,
We are extremely glad to note the selection of Mr.Azeez for honour as a legend. We congratulate Team Skyline and also wish the very best. We are proud to be associated with the LEGEND

P.M.Veeramani Zircon

An appreciation letter received from our client

Dear Mr. Azeez,
We received the flat keys for our apartment, 10A Eminence…., a few weeks ago. We are just waiting for the electricity and water connections to move in. In the meantime we would like to thank Skyline – one and all responsible for their hard work they put in. In particular, our special thanks go to Ms. Ranjana Menon, Mr. Manoj(the civil engr in the site) and Ms. Reshma Sure enough, we were impressed by each one of them. It was a great pleasure, interacting and effectively dealing with them. They were quick, courteous, understanding, result oriented and above all easily reachable any time – true relief for overseas customers like us, perched at almost outer edges of international time zone. Best wishes to Skyline!

(Dr.) Charulatha Ramanathan, VP Business & Clinical Development, CardioInsight Tecnologies Inc., Clevalnd, OH, USA. & Narayanan (Ryan) Ramanathan, Sr. Firmware Engineer, Nihon Kohden California

impeccable work-ethics, reliability, professionalism

Dear Mita,
Thanks for the latest update and seems that we are not very far away to reach our destination. And also it is a good news with regard the power supply on track as you mentioned in your mail. Well we want to take this opportunity to express our profound appreciation for Skyline and its entire crew. It was remarkable with impeccable work-ethics, reliability, professionalism, skill-level, and competence of everyone we came across. You people have done a great job in executing the “Skyline Ivy League” adhering to the milestones as promised. We highly appreciate the regular communications from you about all the stages of the work with real time pictures. We can’t emphasize more on the importance of receiving regular updates for a customer like us who is out of our native place. It has been a completely positive experience for us on the dealings with you! Best Wishes and hope to continue the support in the future..
Warm regards

Mr. & Mrs. Saiju Mammen, Columbia 11C, Ivy League

Happy about the timely completion

Dear Mr. Azeez,
am the owner of apartment 5B of Skyline Eminence at Edapally, Kochi. I am an Engineer working in Reliance Industries Ltd and my wife is a Pediatrician in Amrita Hospital Kochi. We have completed the payments and have received the keys of the apartment from your Kochi office and are presently waiting for the registration formalities. We are very happy about the timely completion of the flat and wish to express our appreciation for the entire skyline team. They were very attentive to all our needs, whatever we asked for were attended to promptly and offered us very good service. We are really pleased and satisfied at the excellent work of your team, we wish to thank each and every one of you, with special thanks to Mr Manoj who was always there ever ready in person or over the phone to offer his service promptly and sincerely.
Thankyou, With best regards

A P Raju

An appreciation letter received from our client

Dear Mr. Azeez,
My family and I are overwhelmed to receive the membership card for Skylineage and acknowledge this pleasant gesture. In sharp contrast to some builders disappearing without completing projects and or doing half-hearted jobs, Skyline builder’s commitment to add value and strengthen the bond with the customers is certainly noteworthy.
I would also like to place on record that we are extremely happy with the wonderful journey from booking the apartment about six years ago to taking over the apartment as per schedule and the support provided by the entire team to ensure that we are completely settled in. The instant and spontaneous back up support provided by Skyline Builders and the efforts to ensure that the residents are put to very little agony, when the transformer at Zircon apartment was disabled a couple of years back (Due to a freak incident), fills us with the sence of security.
As a proud member of the Skyline Builders family, we would like to thank you and the entire team one again for this wonderful initiative. Needless to say my recommendation for an apartment buyer starts and ends with Skyline Builders.

Mohan Kumar 5D, Skyline Zircon Apartments, Panampilly Link Road, Vidya Nagar,Kadavanthra PO, Kochi 682020.

A wonderful experience

Dear Madam,
It was indeed a wonderful experience in staying at the complementary guest room facility facilitated by the Skyline Builders. The accommodation was excellent with all amenities, fully furnished with fridge, tea kettle, tea bags, sugar etc., microwave, fridge and even an iron box and ironing table. The facilities provided was similar to the ‘Golden Sands’ furnished apartments of Aremco at Dubai. The online reservation, checking in and Checking out etc were so easy and excellent. We checked in at about 9.00 pm on 19.10.2012 and checked out by 8.00 pm next day (20.10.2012). Myself and my wife Chinnamma Dilip express our thanks to the excellent guest facility provided to us. Mr. Azeez, the Chairman of the Skyline Builders really deserves the best residential builder awards for all the years to come in future also.

Dilipkumar Mattapilly 14-D, Lords, Skyline Imperial Garden, Kochi.

A wonderful experience

Dear Azeez Sir,
I stayed with my family for two days (20th and 21/5/2013) at your Domain Transit Home. Indeed the stay was a home away from home. My pop in from motel to star hotels for a comfortable stay during holidays has ended up in ecstasy after sneaking into this meticulously planned transit home. Whosoever did the interior job at Domain deserves a pat on the back with cheers because that was the way it was fabulously laid out. On top of it, the caretaker and staff of Skyline was very courteous to welcome us.
My sincere thanks to the staff for arranging the unit for 2 days and I look forward similar to the ones in the near future. Wish your staff and firm splendid success.

V V Balan Nair, Cliff Appartment 9B Sky Line Apt., Payyambalam Beach, Kannur

Many thanks to Skyline Builders

Hello Madam,
I was one of the last few to book an apartment and being a salaried person retiring from a Central Government service, I have to admit I was always concerned because I was putting in a sizable portion of my retirement benefits into this project.
Your reassurances from the word GO that you (and the whole Skyline team) will be there till the last mile (till electricity, water, gas ) etc and corporation tax formalities were sorted out and handed over. While a number of builders in the city are having difficulty in fulfilling their promises, Skyline has lived up to promises made to me.
Though I realize it is the team effort, it is primarily the interface (Customer relationship manager) who invariably deals with customers on a daily basis and forms the interface between the builder and the buyer helping them translate their dreams into reality. I would like to place on record my sincere gratitude and appreciation for a project well managed and let me wish you and team Skyline every success in the future.
Many thanks once again for all the support.
Best Regards,

Radhakrishnana Remesh Retd- Customer Support Manager- Navy Skyline Riverville - 6 A Aluva, Ernakulam

Happy Living at Skyline Mansion

Dear sir,
Congratulations for your success. We are living in Skyline Mansion and it’s a matter of pride and prestige for us. Wishing you and your group much more success.

Raghuram Krishnan

Dear Mr Azeez,

On this happy occasion of Skyline Builders completing twenty five years of its developmental activities, please accept our hearty congratulations and good wishes. Under your charismatic leadership, the company has been making a tremendous contribution to the socio-economic development of our state and the proud owners of each residential unit built by Skyline consider themselves as members of the Skyline family. This speaks volumes of your customer care and corporate philosophy in general.
On the auspicious occasion of the company’s silver jubilee, I am very happy to convey , on behalf of the owners of Skyline Legacy, our compliments, greetings and good wishes.
We are sure that, under your leadership, Skyline will continue its march forward and provide many more quality residential units to the people of Kerala.
Yours sincerely,

P M Thomas 2C, Skyline Legacy. ( President, Skyline Legacy Apartment Owners Association)

Dear Sir,

Heartiest Congratulations on the completion of 25 years of sterling contributions to the kerala real estate development industry!!! I truly do not know of a greater degree of steadfastness and sacrifices made for carrying forward this demanding, challenging and extremely rewarding work, day after day. I am thankful to you for remembering me by sending a gift at this prestigious moment.
A Silver Jubilee Celebration! That’s great news and as both of you and the friends associated from the inception of Skyline Builders look back and recall all that has happened to bring this outstanding and unique organization to where it is today , there is much one could share and be grateful for. Hearty congratulations to you !!! In fact, you live in the hearts of all those who have benefited from the business and living experiences you have provided and they have gained.
It is a matter of great pride to see your child grow up, embrace a good value system, seek high aspirations, and achieve more than what you ever thought was possible. Dear sir, Skyline is one such child; a child who has made all of us proud not only just by her achievements but as much by her humility, class, grace, value system , quality and courtesy.
I take this opportunity to wish you and your team all the very best and may God shower all his blessings on you to lead us from front for years.
Thanks and warm regards,

Sunilkumar V Managing Director Asset Homes

Greetings and Best Wishes Dear Mr. Azeez,

First of all I would like to introduce myself to you. I am John Chandy of Matteethra and my wife Is Aleyamma Chandy, one of the three land owners of “skyline Pallazo” Muttambalam, Kottayam. I never had a chance to meet with you before, even though I have heard plenty of wonderful things about you.
Mr.Azeez, After the purchase of our property by Skyline we had to deal with your staff in a regular basis especially with Babu, Latha and Sunil. The experiences we are having with them are commendable. At present my wife and I are in Kerala and will be returning to Canada on March 1st. We have decided to do all the interior work through Skyline and the past few days we spent hours with Sunil and also with Babu. We are very happy and pleased with their dealings with us. Babu is a good leader who helps us when we seek his assistance. He solves the problems with honesty and integrity. As outsiders we are able to see his administrative skills through his leadership and everyone works together as one team under his guidance.
When we look at the whole picture of Skyline, we can see that they have a good commander in chief whose vision is not only to do a good business with honesty, integrity and discipline but also seeing the happiness of the Skyline staff and also doing the best for the Skyline clients.
We have heard so many good comments about Skyline Builders, not only in India also in North America and that was the main reason we chose to sell our property to skyline.
Thank you Mr. Azeez. May God bless you and your family. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New year.
Warm Regards,

John and Aleyamma Chandy 763Riverside Drive Cambridge Ontario N3H 2V1

Congratulations on the 25th Anniversary of Skyline Builders Dear Azeez,

I will agree with you when you say that 25 years is indeed a short span of time to consider accomplishments. At the same time, a small step leads to a giant leap over time.
This is what Skyline has achieved throughout its 25 years of existence. The only difference that Skyline grew in leaps and bounds, right from the moment it planted its feet firmly on the ground that is the real estate industry.
I have been watching in awe at the phenomenal rise of the company every step of the way. Skyline has indeed transformed the style of living so much so that owning its property was a status symbol and a matter of pride and prestige to the fortunate few. The silent sentinels created by Skyline bear witness to your commitment to quality. So far so, that the first obvious choice for the discerning connoisseur was a product from Skyline. You have revolutionized the industry with your positive outlook and approach, moving with the time and requirements of the clientele. You have indeed set your own standards of building quality.
You have through the years built an unblemished and untarnished image without compromising on your promises to the customers and clients alike. I realize that this is the why Skyline has been able to achieve the first milestone.
The rich heritage of 25 years in existence is no mean feat to emulate.
I am very delighted to have been associated with Skyline both at the professional and personal levels. On this joyous occasion when you have achieved a milestone of service to the real estate industry, I join hands in sharing your happiness and enthusiasm. I look forward to watching you cross one milestone after another over the years.
Wishing you all the very best for a Merry Christmas, a Happy and prosperous Year. I pray that the sun never sets for Skyline.
Warm Regards,

M.V. ANTONY Chairman & Managing Director Kunnel Engineers & Contractors (P) Ltd.,

Thank you sir for our apartment,

your team was really exceptional in delivering the apartment. We would like to do a special mention about Jins for his professionalism and client first attitude. The fit and finish, amenities, the way your staff keep things running is exceptional. We are proud to say that we own an apartment in Skyline. Keep up the good work.

Krishnan Unni. Skyline Cambridge, 12F

Thank you Skyline Builders for providing world class Amenities Dear Mam

It was a nice party time we had at Petal recreation hall yesterday evening. we really appreciate the sincere effort from each member of skyline team to ensure the smooth functioning of the event. special thanks to Mr. Ravi for arranging and ensuring all facilities and his own presence even on Sunday, caretaker Mr.Kunhiraman, other technical staffs, and Mrs.Indu for coordinating things in advance and on effective manner. please share this mail with the people who all were supported at the back end. Thank you very much for the hospitality and support.

JAIKRISHNAN.M Sales Manager ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co Ltd Calicut +91 9349425566

Hats off to Skyline Team!!

Our dreams of owning a flat in Thiruvalla finally came true when we became the proud owners of a Skyline Flat, last month at Skyline Townscape Thiruvalla.
Our joy was complete because the finished product was exactly in line with what was promised at the time of agreement.
Quality, schedule and cost are normally the worrying factors of any new home buyer and we are very happy to say that our worries were always laid to rest during the period of our partnership with the Skyline Team.
I would like to place on record our deepest appreciation for the entire Skyline Team with a special mention of Vinitha and Deepak.Vinitha, apart from being very courteous, meticulously followed up on all our queries and her attention to detail has been noteworthy. She was always at hand to receive our calls at any time of the day and we were always posted on the progress of the Project .
Deepak , who was in charge of the Interior Design works at Skyline did a great job and a special mention should be made of his positive attitude towards work in general.
Trust and hope that our partnership will grow in the years to come. Once again, our sincere gratitude to the entire Skyline Team for fulfilling our dream.
Thank You!!!

Kurien Joseph Doha, Qatar Skyline Townscape

It’s beyond our expectations!!

Dear Manjima,
Certain things are very difficult to define especially when it exceeds the expectations. Skyline Cedar Park is one of them which we never expected such a grant handing over and we are really happy with all the works behind the screen. Also really appreciate the delivery time as agreed and in time without compromising the quality.
Very big thanks to Manjima and team for all the coordination from the start to handover with all supports to make me and my family a proud owner of Cedar Park.
Thanks & regards,

Sanu Cedar Park

Happy to have Skyline Home!

Hi Neethu,
Good morning and greetings to you all. I would like to share with you my experiences with skyline.
After living in Ahmedabad for a long period of forty yrs,I suddenly developed a desire to settle down in my home state, Kerala.Since my late husband belonged to Thiruvalla, I wanted an apartment or villa near this place.I inspected many and shortlisted a few. When my son visited India in Feb, ’16,I showed him all the shortlisted ones. He was not specially happy with any. It was at that time Reno, the executive came to our help and directed us to Kottayam.Soon we set for ktym and the Green Turf entrance and the amenities there itself enthralled us and within a few hours we happened to pay the first cheque. The kind and loving behaviour of the staff and their hospitality was really commentable.
After a particular stage, the apt in charge was Ms Neethu Jijo.It was really a pleasure interacting with her.She was keeping not very well. Though she was only recovering from illness, she left no stone unturned to see that no work was left undone to perfection.The promt replies and the freedom to contact at anytime was really a great pleasure.
The Key handing over ceremony was on 21-7-’16 and it was a great surprise. The apt was well decorated from the main entrance door itself.Now I look forward to occupying my apt and living there in the natural surroundings, breathing pure country air. I wish Skyline team and Neethu and Reshma all success for all the help and support and timely help.

With best wishes Annie Mammen

It’s a Nice Experience!

Dear Sir,
I would like to thank this opportunity and congratulating you for having created such a wonderful experience for me through your excellent management and customer centric approach. I never thought buying a flat from a builders’ company will be such a pleasant experience. Your staffs have maintained a very good communication with me and has updated me with every piece of information. And, also the delivery ceremony and key handing over was a memorable event.
Further, I would like to bring it to your knowledge that, because of such wonderful moment of truth with your company that I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and families.
Thanks & regards,

Nikhil.N.P Mob:0097152 8385916

An evening to remember.

Dear Mr.Azeez,
This message was planned at the same night we had the fortune to take part in the function but due to unavoidable circumstances ( a close relative had to be hospitalized) was delayed and my sincere apologies for the same!
Although we had heard a lot about The Ranch project from various sources, what we saw at that evening far exceeded all our expectations and was truly mind-blowing! The general lay-out of the project, lay- out of the individual villas, landscaping, details of the interiors of the villas, the Club House, general lighting, the ambiance – everything exuded class and stood witness to the designer’s and builders’ utmost concern for convenience and perfection! This is what one expects when one talks about “world-class”! You really deserve all the congratulations and accolades you have been receiving and will continue receiving!
Last but not least is the ‘class’ of the evening you had arranged for the invitees! The concern for the convenience of the invitees was evident long before we reached the venue, in the form of numerous persons holding placards and directing the traffic to the venue. The warmth of welcome conveyed the ever-smiling Skyline Staff was truly representative of the sumptuous spread of delectable food that awaited the guests, to be enjoyed while listening to beautiful strains of music! The facility and , opportunity thoughtfully provided to record the moment for posterity as photographs printed and delivered on the spot added a pleasant touch to the evening! All in all, a very pleasant and memorable evening! My wife joins me in conveying our sincere appreciation and gratitude to you and your colleagues for making it happen and let us be a part of the same!
We also want to wish you all the best in general and full success in this project of yours and all those projects that are in various stages of progress and planning and are sure to display the same quality!

Thanks and best regards, SK, D8C. Imperial Gardens.

Dear Mr.Azeez,

Thanks you so much.


Appreciate your whole team and there immense support in all the aspects from the beginning to possession date!


Highly appreciated Ms.Manjima on her prompt response and  proactive support being provided.


Moreover, I would like to make out interior work also from the team of Skyline Interior. Already been discussed with concerned person in Trivandrum office . Expect that turn out in a better way!


Thanks very much for your congratulations.


With Prayers & Regards,

Rakesh Paleri Apartment No: 11B, Skyline Cambridge.

Thank you very much for Ranch Nite!

Dear Azeez,
Our visit to Skyline Ranch at Thrippunithura 0n 29th Jan 17 was wonderful.It was an out of the world experience in gated urban community living in Kochi. Thank you very much for the opportunity to see it and to enjoy a pleasant evening there. Congrats . Best wishes to the project.

Yours sincerely, K George Joseph. I.A.S (retd) L5C, Imperial Gardens.

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