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About Skyline

28 Years of Creating Signature Addresses Across Kerala.

Since 1989, by launching its first project named Skyline Mansion at Gandhi Nagar, Cochin, Skyline Builders has been playing a major role in implementing new lifestyle in Kerala. From its inception, Skyline Builders strictly follows the aspects like on-time delivery, quality and trust that turned out to be the USP of the brand. The apartments and villas provide ultimate luxury which attracts the investors and residents alike.

Within a span of 28 years, Skyline Builders vanguards a new lifestyle across the state and proudly provides addresses to more than 6900 clients. Skyline Builders has 142 architectural marvels in various cities across Kerala providing ultimate luxury and comfort. The projects by Skyline Builders are designed to obtain IGBC Green Home Certification with a vision for creating sustainable development.

The brand is very keen in choosing the location, implementing cutting-edge technology and novelty in engineering application which helps Skyline Builders in etching its signature in realty sector of Kerala. The faith and trust of its clients and relentless hard work of the Skyline team elevate the home builder to remain in the top position of Kerala’s realty market.

With a built-up area of over 1.44 crore sq. ft in its credit, Skyline Builders, is in the forefront to provide luxurious living habitat. Skyline Builders expanded through the length and breadth of the state by having projects in 10 cities across Kerala which include Trivandrum, Kollam, Thiruvalla, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Pala, Kochi, Thrissur, Kozhikode and Kannur. The overseas branches are located in Dubai, Doha and USA.

While there are many reasons for our success, they all revolve around a few key factors that are as follows:

Passionate Commitment

We have an unwavering commitment to building. We don't just build new homes, we build trust, relationships and peace of mind. We are both knowledgeable and passionate about every aspect of what we do and we do all we can to communicate that knowledge and passion to homebuyers.

Impeccable Quality

Perhaps the most important difference is our homes themselves. One step inside a Skyline Builder home gives you a lasting impression of quality. But our quality goes much deeper. Each home we build goes through a series of quality inspections by our subcontractors and our project managers until it is finally given the stamp of approval.

Timely Completion

Meeting deadlines is a challenge we take on willingly! And is exactly why we deem it a major commitment to complete every one of our projects on schedule.

NRI Specialist

An amazing number of Skyline Builders' clients are NRIs. From Algeria to Zambia, over 3000 NRIs have chosen to make their homes with us. This only reinforces the fact that the homes we provide are of International Standards. The host of services we provide in addition, from arranging housing loans to searching for tenants, makes it pretty obvious to all that they are getting the best home for the best value.


Skyline Builders is committed to your comfort from start to finish, every step of the way. Our relationship with you begins the first time you walk through our doors. From that time forward, our family takes care of your family—so you’re confident in your choice of a homebuilder, secure in your investment and completely delighted with your home. It’s our philosophy. It’s the way we do business.


Over 28 years of experience in the area of building quality homes, Skyline has developed an uncanny ability to locate prime parcels of land that are:-

  • Easily accessible
  • Close to all facilities
  • Ideal for peaceful living
  • A clean and green environment
  • On Land that can only appreciate in value


We are excited to be able to offer such a wide range on home options, i.e., apartments, villas & commercial space, all at premier locations in Kerala. We can truly deliver on the promise of having something for everyone at Skyline. Villas, apartments, waterfront, hillside locales…the choices are endless and amazingly enough, cost efficient too!

We approach the entire home planning process as a partner with you. A unique approach, but one that comes standard with Skyline Builders!

We know 25 years is a very short span in comparison with the vast expanse of history humanity has come through, but the fact remains that the past 25 years may have been the most significant one when it comes to the progress we have achieved. Even if we consider Kerala, it was a period that witnessed a plethora of changes, effectuating substantial improvements in the living standards of the state. It is a matter of great pride to us that we played a major role in this transformation, by introducing the concept and benefits of community living to Kerala.

On this proud occasion when we celebrate our Silver Jubilee, I think it would be only appropriate to thank all those who were with us in this journey, helping us scale one pinnacle after another. Becoming the leader home builder of Kerala was not easy, and without your support and confidence we would not have possibly reached where we are now. Hence, I would like to place on record our hearty gratitude to you for being a friend and patron of Skyline Builders, and hope you would continue to share the happiness and excitement of our journey together.

Please make it convenient to visit us sometime soon and we would be more than glad to meet you in person

KV Abdul Azeez
Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. E.A. Abdu - Vice President (Engineering)

Mr.E.A Abdu heads the Engineering Team at Skyline Builders and is responsible for formulating project proposals, design and project execution. Having had over two decades of experience in India as well as abroad, he brings practical hands-on approach to deliver results. He is a member of various professional institutions abroad and also a Fellow of Indian Institute of Engineers.
He adds value to the company with his extensive experience in Project Management, Engineering and Construction Quality Management from major companies abroad. Furthermore, with his exceptional skills in data analysis, negotiation and problem solving makes an invaluable contribution to achieve the goals.


Mr. THOMAS MATHEW - Vice President (Operations)

Mr. Thomas Mathew is a true Real Estate Professional. He commenced his career in this industry and has seen it evolved through various twists and turns over the past 25 years. He holds a Master Degree in Commerce and is an expert at analyzing trends to arrive at accurate conclusions, identifying the prime lands and creating a land bank. Mr. Mathew has strong negotiation and organisational skills. He has also used his vast experience in situations requiring crisis management. His immense experience at liaisoning in the business and administrative domains is a major value addition for the organisation.


Skyline Builders has been building homes of excellence for more than 3 decades! So we’re very confident in our building methodologies. We know exactly what quality construction takes, and we’ve had long standing relationships with some of the best suppliers in the nation. During construction we implement a building process that features a number of checkpoints and inspections. We are only satisfied when you feel your experience has scored a 10. You might say that our quality has five dimensions: process, materials, craftsmanship, service, and people. You’ll experience all five facets of Skyline Builders quality as you work with us to build your home, and live in that home for years to come.

Our homes are built for life!


In Construction

Our endeavor is to ensure that we deliver your dream home that should exceed your expectations. Towards this, our engineers and technical experts focus their time & energy to design and construct a home that is superior in quality, is environment friendly and offering optimum space utility, while upholding aesthetic appeal.

Rest assured, you will get a world class home from Skyline Builders.

In Service

At Skyline, our relationship with you begins when you select a Skyline Home. We value this relationship and offer after sales service support for design & execution of home interior works, housekeeping, rental, resale and timely payment of bills pertaining to KSEB, property tax etc. We have dedicated services like Skyline Interiors, Skyline Homecare and Skyline After Sales Service to take care of our customers property in their absence.









Skyline Builders Real Estate group offers you Luxury Apartments, Villas, Homes and Flats all across God's own country – Kerala, India. Skyline Builders™ is the #1 Builders in Kerala. Skyline invites you to join our ever-growing community of satisfied customers... into a world where dreams do come true... where unmatched quality goes hand-in-hand with affordable rates... where aesthetic beauty in a clean green environment is coupled with all the essentials for practical living... an investment that is a celebration of your success. The Skyline Group has been in existence since 1980 and Skyline Builders™ is the flagship unit of the group. We provide luxury villas and apartments across Kerala esp. in Kochi (Ernakulam/ Cochin),Kollam, Thrissur(Trichur), Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram), Kottayam, Kozhikode (Calicut) and Kannur. With the IT boom in full swing, Skyline Builders is providing housing facilities near Infopark-Kakkanad and Technopark- Kazhakkottam.

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