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The interest rates on home loans have reached an all time low and the fewer procedures for home loans make the whole process quite hassle-free. You have various schemes to opt from to suit your need. These loans from leading Housing Finance Institutions can be arranged with minimum involvement on your part (subject to the conditions put forth by the financial institutions). The pre-approval of Skyline projects by leading Housing Finance Companies makes the whole process a whole lot easier. Maximum loan amount with long term easy installments can be arranged for both NRIs and RIs. 

project approved by Banks

  • Skyline Townscape, Thiruvalla
  • Skyline Petal, Kozhikode
  • Skyline Palazzo, Kottayam
  • Skyline Upper Crest, Trivandrum
  • Skyline Riverville, Kochi
  • Skyline Solitaire, Kochi
  • Skyline The Legend Sky Mansions, Kochi
  • Skyline Infinity, Thrissur

Know your EMI

Here is a chart to know your EMI for a loan of Rs.1 lakh. The EMI (equated monthly installments) for various durations and rates are provided for your reference. However, please note that the loans are provided by various housing finance institutions and Skyline BuildersĀ® is not directly involved in sanctioning the loan. Also, the EMIs will vary for different financial institutionsThe information given below is only for your reference and shall not be taken as final. Please contact the financial institution for the current EMI.

No. of Years Rate of Interest 8.5 %
1 8722.00
2 4546.00
3 3157.00
4 2465.00
5 2052.00
6 1778.00
7 1584.00
8 1439.00
9 1328.00
10 1240.00
11 1169.00
12 1110.00
13 1061.00
14 1020.00
15 985.00
16 954.00
17 928.00
18 905.00
19 885.00
20 868.00

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