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Frequently Asked Questions

IGBC or Indian Green Building Council examines the construction, ascertains whether it meets the energy and environment principles and awards the certification. The IGBC Certification confirms the eco-friendly construction of the buildings. The constructions that maintain a healthy balance between established construction methods and innovative concepts can obtain certification.

Location, cost, affordability, and dimensional specifications vis-à-vis requirements are the things to consider while buying a home in Kerala or anywhere else. Buy the home from a trusted builder only. To ensure the quality and comfortable living experience.

People often buy apartment, flat, or villa from unreliable real estate developers. This can create a lot of troubles like delay in handing over of the home, lack of quality, remote location, and design deficiencies. Buy a home from trusted builders only. Check the location, study about the builders and assess their reliability, research about the prices, and undertake the inspection before buying the home.

Pre-booking is a financially beneficial option for the homebuyer, as per industry experts.  It is a safe investment as well. Nonetheless, confirm home trustworthy the real estate developer is, before investing.

Real estate has always been one of the best investment options. Since the population is increasing, the accommodation requirements are also going up considerably. This assures guaranteed ROI. 

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Every homebuyer becomes an integral member of the Skyline family. Besides owning stylish and strong homes that are the epitome of elegance, you are establishing a lifelong association with the trusted brand.