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We believe in the everlasting relationship with you. At Skyline Builders the relationship does not end by just selling homes, instead, we welcome our clients to the large family of Skyliners.


Homecare Services

The Home Care Department at Skyline Builders consists of skilled experts who can manage the property in a professional way. We take care of your homes and provide supplementary services to homeowners making their life easy.

Interior Designing

Now it is the time to change your house to a home. We have an excellent in-house Interior Department, with a team of expert hands in interior designing.

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Rental & Resale

For those who wish to rent out their homes, we at Skyline Home Care will arrange appropriate tenants and high-value rentals. All activities regarding this like preparation of agreements.

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After Sales Services

It is a tedious task for those who want to sell their property. You may not get an expected appreciation. Here, at Skyline Home Care, we have an adequate database of buyers and sellers for ready to occupy apartments.


Skylineage is a privilege given to every Skyliner. Every Skyliner with his family can make use of the transit home service free of cost, year after year.

Free Transit Homes

Skyline Transit homes are located at five destinations across Kerala and are slowly being expanded to include more.

Discover your dream home with Skyline

Experience a new way to stay in your favourite cities.