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Frequently Asked Questions

The best neighborhoods in Kottayam to own property include Kanjikuzhi, Sankranthi, and Devalokam

The villas are located in clear proximity to multi-specialty hospitals, educational institutions, banks, shopping centers, etc. 

The project was honored with an award for being the "Best Housing Group Villa Project." The award was conferred by the Kerala Chapter of the Indian Institute of Architects. 

The ready-to-move-in villa project in Kottayam is Skyline Oasis, located at Sankranthi, Kottayam. 

Kottayam is a mix of both city and laid-back lifestyles, with a pleasant and serene living atmosphere. It is slowly embracing its role as a trade hub and is home to a lot of premium educational institutions around Kerala. Hence, it can be a good choice for settling down

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Villas in Kottayam

Over thirty years in the real estate sector of Kerala, Skyline Builders has launched 147 luxury residential projects across Kerala, of which 136 projects successfully completed and handed over. 

The data speaks volumes for our commitment and passion. However, our true mark of success is the over 7450 delighted customers from 53 countries.

Villas today, are similar to independent houses of the past; they provide the same sense of freedom but come with added benefits of security and community living. Residents of a villa project avail of all the benefits of a gated community while living on their private piece of land. Villas provide amenities that are not just essential and functional, but also it adds value to the property. Our luxury villas in Kottayam are splendidly laid out villa projects set amidst a large green vista.

Skyline villas in Kottayam are located in the most tranquil living environs of Kottayam. Our villas provide a spacious, cosy, and comfortable atmosphere for you to stay with your family.

The beautifully-designed villas in Kottayam are visually appealing abodes with numerous amenities best suited for a luxuriant living.

Kottayam has always been a trading centre for various commodities, especially spices and latex. It is the largest producer of rubber in Kerala. It is also a big educational hub and home to many acclaimed educational institutions. It boasts of a hundred per cent literate populace. Kottayam’s enormous contribution to literature and the print media has earned it the title of ‘Akshara Nagari’. It has the potential of emerging into a major city, and this is the right time to invest in a property here. The city is developing at an exponential pace, and people are making wise decisions about choosing their living space in Kottayam.

One of the major draws is its location and abundance of natural resources. On its eastern border stand the verdant Western Ghats, with its wealth of flora and fauna, and towards its west lies the beautiful Vembanad Lake and lush paddy fields of Kuttanad. Kottayam has a varied landscape, and it is all very stunning. The commanding views of backwaters, the green stretches of swaying paddy fields, the rolling hills, the spice and rubber plantations are added the advantage of Kottayam.

Skyline Luxury Villas for Sale in Kottayam

Though tucked away from the hustles and bustles of the city, our luxury villas in Kottayam has proximity to all urban facilities that includes multi-speciality hospitals, educational institutions, banks, shopping centres etc. Our villa project offers nature-friendly architecture in harmony with surroundings. The exterior and interiors of the villas exude opulence, rich finish, and top-notch fittings make our villas stand out from the crowd.

Skyline Oasis, our ready-to-move-in project located at Sankranthi has villas for sale in Kottayam. This project is a retreat in contemporary architecture and accommodates a lifestyle ahead of times. The Kerala Chapter of the Indian Institute of Architects conferred our limited-edition villas with the ‘Best Housing Group Villa Project’. Skyline Villas for Sale in Kottayam have symmetry of villa design that accentuates its idyllic old-world charm. Skyline Oasis offers ample opportunities for recreational activities. The luxury amenities and recreational facilities enhance the indulgence of peaceful living.

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