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KV Abdul Azeez

Chairman and Managing Director



It’s always been a privilege to connect with you. This occasion is all the more special as Skyline Builders is completing 35 years of service. All these years, what we have valued most is our relationship with you. When we started back in 1989, we had committed to do things the right way. Taking shortcuts would have been easier but then we wouldn’t have come this far. Deciding to do it right is a tough choice. Wanting to do it right every day much tougher. To do it right for 35 years through thick and thin takes resolve but is ultimately satisfying. Simply because we treasure your trust placed in us. You have inspired us every step of the way to do out a bit. If it had not been for you, we wouldn’t have crossed many a milestones. I take this opportunity to thank you whole-heartedly for your support and confidence in us all these years. I invite you to help us further to do it right by giving us your valuable suggestions. For it’s not enough to do what we think is right but also to know what you think is right- and to do it for you, for years to come. Please feel welcome to visit us and we would be happy to meet you in person. Looking forward to your continued patronage

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