Message from the CMD

KV Abdul Azeez (Chairman and Managing Director)

We know 30 years is a very short span in comparison with the vast expanse of history humanity has come through, but the fact remains that the past 30 years may have been the most significant one when it comes to the progress we have achieved. Even if we consider Kerala, it was a period that witnessed a plethora of changes, effectuating substantial improvements in the living standards of the state. It is a matter of great pride to us that we played a major role in this transformation, by introducing the concept and benefits of community living to Kerala.   On this proud occasion of nearing three decades in the real estate sector, I think it would be only appropriate to thank all those who were with us in this journey, helping us scale one pinnacle after another. Becoming the leader home builder of Kerala was not easy, and without your support and confidence we would not have possibly reached where we are now. Hence, I would like to place on record our hearty gratitude to you for being a friend and patron of Skyline Builders, and hope you would continue to share the happiness and excitement of our journey together.   Please make it convenient to visit us sometime soon and we would be more than glad to meet you in person