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January 24, 2024

Must-Have Kids-friendly Features When Choosing a Property in Kerala

Kids are an absolute bundle of joy! However, they can be mischievous at times. Parenting or raising a child is not an easy task. Talk to any parent, and they will tell you about the worries and issues they have to deal with regarding their kids. The early years that shape a child’s personality for the rest of their lives are under the control of their parents. 

As a parent, you need to be very careful about the various nuances of your child’s life, including their social life, education, health, safety, and development. While raising children into young adults involves many intangible factors that primarily depend on the parent or caregiver, many aspects of the upbringing are aided by the physical surroundings. If a parent needs to raise their child responsibly, they need to choose the best home and surroundings to raise them in.

Essential Kids-Friendly Amenities in Kerala Homes

As a responsible parent, what factors will you look for while choosing an apartment in Kerala? Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Safety and Security

There is no need to say that the top priority you need to look for when choosing a kid- friendly property is safety and security, especially for the kids. Secured borders, wired and electrified fences, manned gates, and CCTV surveillance are essential. This will ensure the safety of your kids, as they might go out and play around the outside surroundings. In addition, proper vigilance should be maintained in all areas, including clubhouses, swimming pools, sports areas, and open spaces, to guarantee children's safety from harm or danger. 

Interior Design and architecture

Builders from Kerala need to incorporate a kid-friendly mindset into their projects right from the beginning of the ideation process. Children and toddlers are prone to many kinds of accidents during their formative years. Therefore, it's better to choose a property with fewer pillars, corners, and edges. This will ensure the safety of children. Incorporating features such as balcony grills at a reasonable height helps developers protect young children.

Convenient Location

It's always better to choose a property that has playschools, schools, and other educational facilities near it. Your child is safer the closer playschools, schools, and other educational amenities are to each other. This makes the kid’s travel time shorter, freeing up that energy for other activities. Similarly, hospitals and medical centres also need to be closer to the property. Zones for entertainment and recreation must not be far away. Residential projects in Kerala that are close to essential amenities and facilities are always in high demand. 

Recreational Facilities 

Sports, as well as physical activities, are essential for a child’s development. Kids are encouraged to play games and compete in open spaces, sports areas, gardens, and swimming pools. Sports and outdoor games encourage physical activity, which improves both physical and social skills. These are the facilities offered by the majority of capable projects offering apartments for sale in Kerala. 

Here are some of the activities and spaces to look for in a property

Indoor Space: It is best to search for a home with lots of space and lovely, cozy interiors if you are looking to buy a property in Kerala and have children. This is more than enough space for your children to play after school. They can also push themselves by coming up with creative and eye-catching ideas for designing the space.

Nursery: It is better to choose a specific room to set up a nursery for the family's child. To bring a positive vibe into your space, you can paint the room a variety of soft colors, such as baby pink or yellow lime, among others.

Bunk Beds: Indeed, bunk beds are always in style. If your family consists of three children and you have four or five people, you can always put a bunk bed in their room and use the remaining space for their sports equipment, books, and toys.

Birthday Party space: Kids simply like to be the center of attention. Then, there's no need to explain their feelings regarding their birthday. If there is enough space on your property for your children's birthday celebration, you can have a good time by inviting their friends and family.

Furniture preferences: Who knows, your child might be the next talented artist. However, you wouldn't want them to scribble all over your pricey furniture, would you? or prefer not to itch them completely. Opting for dark-colored couches or tables is a great decision. In this manner, their pencil drawings won't be on display for the public at the pricey dinner table.

Get Outside : Every one of these activities relates to your child's development. However, nature is the best teacher there is. They ought to be raised with an awareness of the environment and good deeds. With terrace gardening and other environmentally friendly activities, children have the chance to grow, tend to, and harvest fruits and vegetables. You can get the most out of your children by forcing them to participate in all of these activities.

Awareness: Children grow in their capacity to deal with the ever-evolving world of opportunities between the ages of five and twelve. In addition to giving them a quality education, food, and shelter, parents also teach their children about their place in the world and the small things they can do to make a difference. When children understand how important it is to protect themselves and other people, they will apply this knowledge to everything they do in the future.

Homebuyers always search for something more than a place to live when looking for a suitable piece of land. To live a complete life, they search for a place with lots of amenities. Since parents will be watching their children grow up in this potential home, finding a suitable one becomes even more important. 

Understanding these requirements, builders like Skyline have explored the possibilities of a kids friendly home. Skyline's name is enough to state how premium your home is. We have been the first and only choice for customers looking for reliable and aesthetically elegant homes for more than three decades.


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