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Why Invest in Skyline Grace?

1) Ideal Living Space: Skyline Grace is the first residential project of Skyline Builders in Pala and it is the tallest residential building in Pala.

2) Location: Skyline Grace is situated in the heart of Pala and is very close to the famous St. Thomas Cathedral. Located on the banks of the charming Meenachil River, Skyline Grace offers tranquil living with all luxurious comforts.

3) Architecture: Skyline Grace is the first tallest residential project with all luxurious amenities in Pala. The aesthetically designed Skyline Grace syncs with the splendour of nature and is the perfect example of fine homes and tranquil living. Skyline Grace sprawls over 1.07 acres of land with perfectly manicured landscaped garden.

4)Proximity to: Skyline Grace is very close to Pala town with facilities like various educational institutions, hospitals, churches, temples, shopping centres, public transportation etc.

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Every homebuyer becomes an integral member of the Skyline family. Besides owning stylish and strong homes that are the epitome of elegance, you are establishing a lifelong association with the trusted brand.