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December 13, 2022

Come and Fall in Love with Skyline Luxury Apartments in Thrissur

Why should you choose Thrissur for your next home?

Thrissur, with its indisputable cultural supremacy, from which it derived the title “the cultural capital of Kerala”, has some other exclusive characteristics. Those exclusive features make it an ideal choice for those looking to own a home in Kerala.

  • A Blend of Serenity with Modernity: Although a modern city, embracing the developments of the future, it still maintains the serene atmosphere it is known for. Forget the cacophony and hustle and bustle you associate every developing city with. The beauty of calmness and quiet surroundings are what make Thrissur a city loved by all.
  • Choose it For Investment: The home you acquire can be for your own use or for investment purposes. Thrissur is the right option anyway. Being one of the top tourist destinations as well as a pilgrimage centre, an apartment, flat, or villa can get you tenants quite easily. For the same reason, it can be an ideal place for settling down.
  • Connected City with all the Advanced Amenities: Thrissur is a well-connected city, via rail, road, and air (Cochin International Airport is about fifty kilometers from the city). Those who are in the business or professional sector, involving frequent travel, can pick the place to stay. Furthermore, safe and comfortable living that the city offers would be ideal for the family.
  • Tourist Destination: Thrissur is one of the top tourist destinations in Kerala. People from around the country visit the place, especially for pilgrimage. Whether it’s a modern life you want or a traditional one, Thrissur offers you both. making the location preferable in every way one can think of.

Why choose Skyline Builders?

Skyline Builders earned credibility and trust by maintaining consistent quality since its establishment in 1989. Our projects stand as proof of our commitment to our clients. You can visit any of our ongoing or completed projects and examine them or discuss with our existing clients to affirm how reliable we are. We are the most awarded builder in Kerala, owing to the quality and commitment we have maintained. Skyline is also the first builder in Kerala to receive a DA2+ rating from CRISIL.

We do not believe in boasting about the production quality, architectural elegance, or premium aspects of our projects. Neither will we exaggerate about the location where our projects are located. It is for you to check us out and rate us. We have been maintaining this approach since the beginning. We grew to become an elite real estate developer in Kerala with the support and word-of-mouth publicity from our customers.

Visit our luxury flats in Thrissur today and choose the best one for you.

Skyline’s Luxury apartments in Thrissur

Embrace eminence by owning a luxury apartment from Skyline Builders. We have prominent projects at the most sought-after locations around the city. Our architectural patterns amalgamate modernity with tradition brilliantly. The diligent design offer optimal space, the availability of natural light, and ample ventilation.

Buy a luxury apartment in this heartland of our rich culture and art. The home of many festivals that date back centuries, you are connecting yourself with our vibrant traditions.

We were able to complete and proudly hand over nineteen residential projects in Thrissur. Presently, we have one of the most luxurious projects in progress at Thrissur. Located in an exuberant and highly sought-after location, the air-conditioned luxury apartment, Skyline Avenue Suites, is the epitome of design brilliance and luxury.

Skyline Avenue Suites houses 3 and 4 bhk luxurious apartments installed with state-of-the-art amenities. This 16-storey single tower apartment project consists of 75 spaciously designed apartments with dimensions ranging from 1869 sq ft to 2506 sq ft.

Landscaped with abundant green surroundings, each of the apartments offers a soothing and pleasant view. Protected from the noise of the city, even though it is in a premium location, the apartment would render a comfortable and convenient life. Sophisticated design elements in line with global trends and architectural nuances are what make the Avenue Suites from Skyline superior.

We invite you to schedule a visit to this project and check out the international brand fittings, exclusively procured components tailored to suit the diligent styling and meticulously ensured finishing that elevate the aesthetic appeal of the apartment. Located close to all conveniences, including centres of importance, shopping centres, hospitals, educational institutions, and other facilities, Avenue Suites assures a relaxed life.


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